VIDEO: American Football: Learn how to shuffle correctly like the pros

I bet you're wondering... Is there really a wrong way to shuffle? Well yeah, there's your way and then there's a more efficient way to do it. In this video I will not only show you how to shuffle more efficiently, but also the correct way; so you can get in better position to make plays on the football field.

I've been playing and coaching American football for a while now and everywhere I went, the #1 common mistake athletes make when shuffling is that they bring their feet together. Your feet should never meet! Your heels should never touch each other. If they are touching when you're taking each shuffle step, then chances are you are high in your stance. Secondly, if your feet are touching during the shuffle, it will take you longer to change direction. As football players, we all know how important it is to change direction quickly enabling you to react a lot faster. 

Check out the video for the details.



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