If you are looking at this blog post, I am guessing you know the term...

"Look Good, Play Good". But keeping your cleats clean will not only look good, it will make your cleats last longer. 

Don't be the guy who never washes his cleats, not only do they smell but they won't last as long as they should. If your cleats are lasting only one season, its possible that you are not taking proper care of them. Make it a habit to keep your "Kicks Klean". 

In this video I used  the Reshoevn8r cleaning kit to clean a pair of my Nike Alpha Menace Elite TD football cleats but also a pair of my Nike Air Jordan 1's. 


Watch as I use the 3-Brush Advanced Laundry System as it has all 3 of our premium brushes making it suitable to clean the delicate uppers and rugged soles.

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