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Riddell Power SPK+ OL/DL

Riddell Power SPK+ OL/DL

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Replacing the Riddell Power SPK OL/DL, the New SPK+ OL/DL features Riddell RipKord Technology, the STAC shoulder system, swivel fronts, biothane STAC straps and belts, a flat pad design, the air management liner system, removable/adjustable bodies, stainless steel hardware, and velvet collars.

  • Integrated RipKord Technology (for quick and easy removal in an emergency situation)
  • Swivel Fronts (connects left and right side of the pad with swivels)
  • Biothane STAC Straps and Belts
  • Flat Pad Design
  • Air Management Liner System
  • Removable / Adjustable Channels
  • Removable / Adjustable Deltoid Pads
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Breathable Body and Shell Vents

The Riddell RipKord Shoulder Pad Removal system utilizes a cord that is strategically integrated into the shoulder pad design, that in an emergency situation, can be pulled out to separate the components for easy access to the player

Shoulder pad liner construction that attenuates impact energy on a cushion of air within semi-sealed chambers. Energy dispersion occurs through spreading the impact forces within a large volume of air slowly released from the liner at a controlled rate.

Equipped with stainless steel hardware to prevent corrossion.

Shoulder pad design that sits low across the player's shoulder, minimizing interference with the rotational range of the helmet. Rigid belts route forces away from the point of impact by converting the entire arch into a large-scale, shock absorbing system.

*Riddell Products are custom ordered. Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery. 

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