The interest of American football is growing world wide. The growth of the sport is happening globally as we speak. There's teams within reach of every country in Europe and it's already spread to South America. It has already built a strong presence in Japan and just this year, China has introduced their version of Arena Football. 

It seems like everyone is going crazy over this sport played with an oblong ball. I mean, the entire world, besides the USA, giggles at the fact that it's called football. 

*Fun Fact: It's called football because the oblong, shaped ball used be 12 inches long. 12 inches = 1 foot. I'll pretend that you already didn't know that. 

Japan has been playing football for decades and now it has arguably, the 3rd best American Football League behind Canada and the obvious United States of America.

They even had a NFL Europe league! So I ask you, where do you think this new NFL team will be? Could it be the Beautiful Barcelona! Or the bad ass Berlin?  

Well if you saw the blogs cover photo you probably already guessed it. But if not here it is. 

The LIVERPOOL (enter name of animal here)!!

Even though it hasnt been confirmed where the next NFL team will be, but it only makes since that a city in the UK will be one of the homes of a future NFL team when ever they decided to do. They had been playing games in the UK for years building a hefty fan base.  The Uni's look kind of cool though. If you're a big football (soccer) fan then you know all about Liverpool and the rest of the good soccer teams out there. The 5 stars down the middle is kind of dope. 

What do you think? Would you rock these uniforms? Leave a comment below. 

photo: ESPN

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