Most of you know us at Sports Takeoff as providing you with more affordable American football cleats, gloves and accessories. With our continued success in providing you with the best deals in Europe, we are also always finding ways to bring you more content. With that being said, we have now started to provide reviews for the cleats we have in stock and will also start to review other products as well. Our segment, GAME TESTED will provide you with an in depth look at the product and all it's glory. We believe that you should not only know more about the products we sell, but also it's performance not only on the practice  fields and training, but also how the product performs on game day. 

In our first installment of Game Tested, we will be doing an unboxing of VKTRY  (Victory) Performance Insoles or VK for short. I will show you how the product looks and what you can expect from it when you purchase your very own. 

Be on the look out for more of our Game Tested reviews and unboxings in the future!

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