VIDEO: Never Forget the XFL: X-treme Football League

XFL McMahon

Who remembers the XFL? This American football league was quite different from all the rest. It was filled with lots of TV antics and drama. It had similar rules to the REAL game of football, but it also had rules that was totally different. For example, in normal football, at the beginning of the game there was no coin toss to see who receives the ball first. Instead they placed the ball on the 50 yard line and made a player from each team race to the ball. Who ever recovered the ball first gets the ball.

There were crazy things going on as well, like the use of nicknames on the back of there uniforms instead of their last names that are used in traditional football. One of the names I remember was, "He Hate Me". Yes this was the name that was written on the back of his uniform. Yes, it was the name that the announcers yelled after every big play this guy made. For a list of the top nicknames click here.

Not only were the names of the players unique, even the names of the teams were different as well. Names like, the New York-New Jersey Hitmen, San Francisco Demons and the Birmingham Thunderbolts. The Thunderbolts? Haha. Could you imagine a big ass Thunderbolt of lighting as the mascot, taking pictures and signing autographs with the kids and the fans? I don't quite remember what the mascot looked like, nor could I find any images, but the thought of it just makes me laugh. 

Although this football league failed miserably, it's still being talked about to this very day. The football sucked, but there's still a part of me that wish this league was still around today so I could have my nickname on the back of my jersey. ITsMeechieBaby!


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