VIDEO: Got Speed? No? Here's a simple speed work out for you.

If you want to increase your speed, but do not know what to do. Try some or all of these free drills to increase speed and agility.

1st Step

  • Squat Jump to Sprint x4 - Start with your feel a little wider than shoulder width. Squat down, explode up in the air. As you land sprint 15 meters
  • Kneeling Starts x3 - Start down on one knee in a kneeling position and pop up and sprint 15 meters
  • Pop Up Sprints x4 - Start in a down push-up position, pop up to your feet and sprint 15 meters
  • Knee Up Sprints x3 - Start with both knees on the ground, jump up to both feet and immediatly sprint 15 meters
  • Flying 30's x5 (85 percent)
  • Course is 45 meters
  • Start off jogging, by the time you hit 15 meters you should be sprinting at 85% of your top speed and hold it for the remaining 30 meters
  • Light jog back to the start line. 
  • 30 Meter Sprints x3 (85 percent)
  • From a normal starting position, sprint 30 yards @ 85%
For more speed drill check out the link below.

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