VIDEO: Europe's Elite American Football Players are in the NFL! Episode 8-14

If you guys haven't seen my previous blog post about the NFL Undiscovered, basically it details the journey of European - American Football players Moritz Bohringer, Anthony Dable and Harry Innis as they try to make their dreams come true of playing in the NFL. 

If you missed episodes 1 - 7, you can watch them by clicking HEREWatch the rest of the episodes below. These are awesome to watch!


One Last Shot for Harry Innis at Jaguars Tryout (Episode 8)


Moritz Böhringer's Pro Day (Episode 9)


Could Moritz Böhringer Really Get Drafted? (Episode 10)


Moritz Böhringer Goes to the 2016 NFL Draft (Episode 11)


The Minnesota Vikings Draft Moritz Böhringer! (Episode 12)


Anthony Dable with the New York Giants (episode 13)

To watch this episode, click here


Moritz Böhringer with the Minnesota Vikings (Episode 14)

To watch this episode, click here

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