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Where to buy Carbontek Shoulder Pads?

The simple answer is the Carbontek shoulder pads no longer exists but the same pads have been rebranded and are being sold under a different name.

What is that name?

The 2inOne Shoulder Pad company bought all the rights to be able to continue making the Carbontek Shoulder Pads.

Where can I buy them?

The 2inOne Shoulder Pads can be purchased on our website and on the 2inOne website. Both links are below. 

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More About 2inOne

We have noticed a lot of players throughout the NFL season wearing the 2inOne pads. For example the Diggs Brothers. Stefon was seen taking off the pads after their game against Tampa Bay. And Trevon Diggs can be seen wearing them practically every week. Here are some reviews we made on the pads.

Photo Below.two in one shoulder pads, carbontek pads trevon diggs nfl jamie foxx


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