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The Recipe To An Explosive Offense. All You Need Are 5 ingredients!

It is no secret that having a successful and explosive offense largely rides on the shoulders of the QB. But what are the other key ingredients that go into having a dominant offense? Lets take a look at the five factors that I believe are the most important to having an explosive offense and possessing the ability to put up 40+ points a game. 



1 Tablespoon: Ability to Run the Football

Having the ability to run the ball effectively is perhaps the single most important factor in having a championship-caliber offense. It gives teams the opportunity to sustain drives and control the time of possession, while also creating match-up nightmares for a defense.

Once a RB slips past the defensive line, it is on the wide receivers to turn a positive gain into a first down or even a touchdown. In the NFL, wide receivers can get away with not blocking down field but the college game is different. Taking plays off and being lazy with "stalk blocking" will get players a quick spot on the pine.



2 Tablespoons: Ability to Make Defenders Miss in Space

When receivers don't get on their blocks downfield, it's important to have a RB who can make a defender miss. This is especially important for teams that run a spread offense like the Oregon Ducks. One of the main goals of the spread is to get RBs and WRs against defenders one-on-one in space. Oregon loves to run the wide zone running plays and quick bubble passes out of the shotgun giving the running back room to make a cut in the hole and make defenders miss. 


3 Tablespoons: Ability to Get Over-the-Top of the Defense

Running the ball effectively can tighten up a defense and open things up down the field but that can also work vice versa. When a team has incredible athletes on the outside, the offense is able to threaten a defense deep and soften them up allowing more running lanes for the run game.



4 Tablespoons: Aggressive Play-Calling

Much like Jimbo Fisher, Duke Coach David Cutcliffe is an aggressive play-caller who doesn't mind taking chances.

"We will be very aggressive in our play calling and hopefully very disciplined offensively where we have a great ratio in pass attempts to interceptions ratio, sack ratio and attempt to touchdown ratio. That is what we are looking for, producing points. We have a goal. We go into every game thinking we can score 30 points or more."

The Blue Devils head coach and offensive coordinator are not afraid to take their shots on 2nd and short or 3rd and medium.

5 Tablespoons: A Great Quarterback

This ingredient is pretty much self explanatory. For example, here is an analyst's take on who he think is the #1 QB in the 2017 draft.

"DeShone Kizer, Quarterback of Notre Dame is capable of making beautiful touch passes with superb accuracy and ball placement while being under fire from the pass rush. His field vision is very good as he moves his eyes through his progressions, even with defenders bearing down on him. Additionally, Kizer has the arm strength to make all the throws and beat good coverage. He consistently shows the ability to drop in accurate touch passes downfield and the mobility to make plays with his feet. Kizer is an excellent pocket passer."

In 2016, Kizer completed 59 percent of his passes for 2,925 yards with 26 touchdowns and nine interceptions. He also ran for seven touchdowns. Kizer completed 63 percent of his passes in 2015 for 2,884 yards with 21 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. He also ran for 520 yards with 10 scores on the ground.

Source:  WalterFootball


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