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VIDEO: Want to make 50k playing American football in the States? And No it's not the NFL.

Ever had dreams of playing American football professionally? I'm sure a lot of you nodded to yourself Yes. I'm sure that's the dream of everyone who laced up a pair of cleats. But that dream will never come true unless you played football in college... until now.

There is a new football league under development that allows college aged players to get paid from playing the sport they love even though they didn't attend college. The Pac Pro League, will consist entirely of players who did not go to college to play football. It's said that the players will make on average $50,000 yearly salary. With all that money for some 18-22 year old athletes, people are probably thinking that it will not be managed right by the individual, but the league also has some counseling and financial advising that each player must partake in. In fact, the league will have it's own financial curriculum that will help prepare these young men, and or women, for real life. 


I know many of you are wondering if this league will even start; following the path of many other football leagues who tried and failed to have a successful campaign. But just to ease your thoughts a bit, the league seems to have a great backing of leadership and experience in the football game. It's said that many former NFL coaches, players and associates are involved in this league. 

I'm not sure how I feel about this league and to be quite honest, as good as it sounds, I think I would have still took the route of going to college. But I can't help to ask myself, "where was this league when I was in High school?" As an adult, looking back with this league in mind, if I didn't have many scholarships or lack there of, I think I would have at least attempted to participate in this league.  Would I let my child play in this league? Yes I would consider it because I know that based off of sheer numbers, its very difficult to go to the NFL. So why not explore more options? Who am I to shy my son away from the opportunities of different leagues. I've played in several different countries and leagues across the world from Europe to Asia. Why not give my son the same opportunity. Right?  

Let me know what you think. Would you let your child opt out of college and play in this league? Comment below and let us know. 


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