Nike Huarache 4 TD (US 9.5)

Nike Huarache 4 TD (US 9.5)

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The Nike Huarache 4 LX LE Lacrosse/Football Cleats were strategically designed for the shifty lacrosse player that relies on change of direction dodging. With its mid-cut design weighing in at 12.1 ounces, the Huarache’s will provide excellent ankle support and lightweight performance. Nike also included a durable lightweight leather liner material that will shimmer in the light.

Furthermore, Nike also instituted moisture wicking liner material made out of Lycra. Not only is this material soft and durable, but it will keep your feet comfortable and cool while playing the intense sport of lacrosse.

One feature that stands out is its Nike’s FLYWIRE technology that anchors the laces to the bottom of the cleat creating a snug fit. This helps the cleat to fully support your entire foot giving you extra strength and durability.

The Nike Huarache 4’s also have a multi-colored (Iridescent) foot plate with reflective properties so bright they blind your defensemen as you run past them. The reflective material on the footplate will chip away over time however due to over use, but it has been known to remain intact if you only use these cleats on turf.

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