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Want to play like the pros? Train Like the pros? We got you covered. Sports Takeoff is here to help provide you with the things you need to help your team become elite. 



We searched all over the world for sports equipment  to bring to you the best prices. All of our equipment is stored in Poland or Germany in order to enable us to ship throughout Europe with ease. We buy new and unused products through auctions from NCAA and NFL teams, in order to cut the overall cost, majority of the times products are not shipped in there original boxes but we assure you they are original and unused.  


Sports Takeoff is building a community of teams, coaches and players who are actively involved in American football in anyway. Like most of those involved, we want to help promote the game of American football across the globe one player, one coach, one team, one city at a time. Feel free to make any suggestions and enjoy any content we have on this page. Don't hesitate to contact us about anything!



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