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Two In One Shoulder Pad "Carbontek Successor"

Two In One Shoulder Pad

Product Details
  • "2inOne" is the legitimate successor of the well known CarbonTek shoulder pad system.
  • The sensational difference compared to conventional shoulder pads is that the pads are not fixed to the outer shell as it is usually the case. Instead they are integrated into a separate padded compression vest.
  • Shell and vest provide an extreme closeness of equipment and body, which provides improved mobility and less gaps between protection and body.
  • The light weight carbon shell is meant to be strapped onto the vest.
  • The front part of the shell is narrower than that of usual pads, which helps the player to move the arms more freely.
  • The shell has only one installed shoulder flap, since the padded vest already holds additional padding around the shoulder even reaching to the upper part of the biceps.
  • CE mark of conformity


Vest And Shell Are Also Sold Separately

(All vest and shells are compatible with older Carbontek Models)

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1. Are these affiliated with the original Carbontek shoulder pads?

Yes they are affiliated with the original Carbontek pads.

2. Whats the main difference between the carbon and poly models? 

The main difference is the material of the shell. One is made of Polyethylene, the other one of Carbon. Due to the manufacturing method the shell design is not identical and the Carbon fits more snug to the body and is slightly lighter.

3. Is there some type of warranty on the pads? 

For all our products we are very generous if there is a breakage. We simply exchange for free.

4. Is there a big difference between these and the original Carbonteks? 

Yes…above all in the quality of the Carbon material which is less prone to breakage now with the new version.

5. Will they be released in the USA or only in Europe?

We do sell it all over the world but now we are concentrating our efforts in the beginning on Europe.