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VIDEO: NFL Linebacker and Defensive Line drill.

I always wondered if NFL players do the same type of drills we all used to do back in college.  Playing at Northwestern University, we weren't exactly known for a prestigious football program, but we were known for playing smart football. Which mean, not only did we work out hard, but we trained smarter. After 5 years of this approach in college, I had earned an opportunity to go into pre-season camp with the Chicago Bears. Although I didn't male the team, I did walk away with in knowledge and a host of drills and work outs. I want to share some of those drills and knowledge with you.

To be honest, I thought NFL players were all 'super heroes' with super human strength and speed. Although NFL athletes are listed as the top athletes of the world, YOU are not far behind them. Here is the first installment of a simple drill that all NFL and College linebackers and Defensive linemen do on a weekly basis.  


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