VIDEO: Happy Suh Year! Ndamukong Suh brings in the new year with a smart cheap shot.

Happy Suh Year everyone! Not even 24 hours into the new year and Ndamukong Suh is already up to his usual antics on the football field. I've seen some dirty plays in American football, but I have never seen a dirty play that was also smart. Ndamukong  is known around the NFL for his dirty play, but it seems like he is getting smarter at doing it.HAPPY SUH YEAR!


In today's game against the Miami Dolphins, he intentionally jumps off sides just to get a free shot against the center. Check it out for yourself and tell me if I'm right or wrong here. 

Now, I do not condone any cheap shot of any kind. I will never teach a player to intentionally bend the rules of the game the way Ndamukong does in that video. But at the same time, I must give him some credit, because now the New England Patriots center is going to be thinking about Ndamukong coming that hard all game. I'm sure he's worried.! Even though he did cost his team a penalty, I still will give him a pat on the back for this smart/dirty cheap shot.  That a boy Ndamukong!


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