VIDEO: Europe's Elite American Football Players are in the NFL! Episode 1-7

You must have been sleeping under a rock for the past year if you haven't heard about 3 of Europe's Elite American Football players who now have the opportunity to live the dream playing in the NFL. France's Anthony Dable, Germany's Moritz Böhringer  and United Kingdom's Harry Innis all have a chance to make history as they train day and night to bring themselves one step closer to playing in the worlds #1 American football league!

For many football players across the world they all share the common goal of making it to the NFL. But for these 3 Europeans, they have a real chance of making it to the top level.

If you ever wondered about the process of making an NFL team and what it takes to compete on the highest level, then the NFL has put together a series of videos for you to follow Moritz, Anthony and Harry on their journey from amateur football to the pros.  

And guess what? I have included all episodes right here for your viewing pleasure. Here is NFL's Undiscovered Episodes 1-7 right here on Sports Takeoff. Thank me Later.



Meet the Europeans (Episode 1) | NFL Undiscovered 2016

Welcome to America (Episode 2) | NFL Undiscovered 2016


The Harsh Realities of the NFL (Episode 3) | NFL Undiscovered 2016


Tryouts with the New York Giants (Episode 4) | NFL Undiscovered 


Anthony Dable, the NY Giant and the Silent Moritz Böhringer (Episode 5) 


Meet Moritz Böhringer! (Episode 6) | NFL Undiscovered 2016


Harry Innis Searches For Inspiration (Episode 7) | NFL Undiscovered 


 To Watch Episodes 8-14, click here

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