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Warranty Policy:

SportsTakeoff is proud to offer a warranty for a period of 3 months on manufacturing and material defects for shoes. However, the warranty is based on and limited to the manufacturer's policy. To claim warranty service, you must provide the invoice as proof of purchase. Please note that wear and tear is not covered by the warranty.

Warranty coverage is void in the following situations:

  1. Misuse or Alteration: If the shoes have been misused or altered in any way, the warranty will be void. 

  2. Exclusions: The warranty does not cover surfaces punctured by spikes and rips in gloves or any damage resulting from such use. This is considered normal wear and tear.  

To initiate a warranty claim, please send a copy of the invoice and clear images displaying the defect and its location to After inspecting the images, our technical staff may request the shoes to be returned to SportsTakeoff for further physical inspection. Please note that products cannot be returned without a request from the technical staff.


  1. Inspection and Solution: Upon receiving the invoice and product images, our technical staff will conduct an inspection and provide a suitable solution as soon as possible. Please allow a couple of days for this process to be completed. The available options include:

    a. Delivery of Missing Aspect: If a specific part or aspect of the shoes is missing, SportsTakeoff will arrange for its delivery to address the issue.

    b. Product Repair: If the defect can be repaired, our team will initiate the necessary repairs to restore the shoes to their proper condition.

    c. Product Replacement: If repair is not feasible or the defect is irreparable, SportsTakeoff will provide a replacement pair of shoes. If the original product is no longer available, a similar product will be offered.

    d. Price Reduction or Order Termination: Price reduction or order termination will only be considered if delivery of the missing aspect, product repair, or replacement is not possible anymore due to discontinuation by the manufacturer.

  2. Blemished or Seconds Products: Please note that shoes labeled as "Blem" or "Seconds" are not covered by the warranty. These products are sold at heavily reduced prices due to their known imperfections, and no warranty claims can be made against them.

  3. Warranty Denial: If our technical staff concludes that the shoes do not meet the warranty criteria, the product will be returned to the customer without any warranty coverage.

Remember to consult the specific warranty documentation provided with your shoes for more detailed information, as terms and conditions may vary based on the product and manufacturer.